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Best Drama (United Solo 2015, NYC)

Life without memory is no life at all... our memory is our coherence, our reason, our feeling, even our action. Without it, we are nothing.      -- Luis Buñuel

A solo show about memory, loss and identity. A woman tries to take her daughter to school, but she has lost her short-term memory. Mired in the past, she struggles to recall who she is.

Do You Know Me? showcased at the Cherry Lane Theatre in 2012, participated in the 2015 United Solo Theatre Festival and the 2015 Asheville Fringe Arts Festival.

Script available at: Indie Theater Now


Best Avant-Garde Show (United Solo 2013, NYC)

Written by Mina Samuels
Directed by Lisa Chess

We are besieged by hazards, real and imagined, those outside ourselves, and the ones inside our minds. Hazards is a one-woman performance piece in the absurdist tradition, which dives into the chaotic soup of our minds, exposing our worries and enacting our deep seated fear of humiliation if we are “found out”. In the country of Hazards there is a government department dedicated to warning people of what might befall them. From corrosive substances; to not knowing which fork to use; and thinking you have found meaning; to excessive sweating; a meteor hitting earth; and handwriting that begins to look like your mother’s, even though she’s left-handed and you are right-handed. A combination of spoken word, punctuated by sometimes-frenetic, sometimes-beseeching movement, Hazards brings us face to face with the question of our own significance in the universe.

Hazards participated in the The Toronto Fringe Festival in July 2013, the United Solo Festival in NYC in October 2013, Austin’s Frontera Fest in January 2014 and the Asheville Fringe Arts Festival in January 2015.

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[ Hazards Media Kit PDF ]

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