Admiring the Total Eclipse of the Super Blue Blood Moon

Admiring the Total Eclipse of the Super Blue Blood Moon Last week, I set my alarm for 4:45 a.m. to have a look at the total eclipse of the super blue blood moon. I was tempted to put that expression in all-caps, it sounds so dramatic. And I was tempted not to set the alarm, because I was skeptical of the amazingness in store for me. Maybe that was because I’m Canadian, a culture not prone to overstatement. The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) in its understated way, is less promotional in its lunar eclipse materials, staying away from the term supermoon, which entered US galactic promo lingo when it was coined by American astrologer Richard Nolle in 1979. The alarm startled me from…


Money is King, At Least Until The Next Pothole

Money may make the world go ‘round, but we should not conflate that with authenticity or integrity. Our world mistakes profits for progress, and making money has replaced making things of value. Greed is good again. Politicians and business leaders, the priests of our age, size us up for our market potential. While we are currently in a worsening cycle, greed is hardly new, as this 17th century fable reminds us. A dead man went on his slow way to take possession of his final resting place. A priest went on his merry way to bury the dead man as quickly as possible. Our corpse was in a carriage, well and duly packaged. Dressed in the robes, alas! Robes of winter, robes…


Instead of Tariffs, Let The Sun Do Its Work

Instead of Tariffs, Let The Sun Do Its Work Gustave Dore, 1868 Watching the fierce sun melt snow off my windows and roof before it is even 8 a.m. got me thinking about solar power. Yes, I’m a renewable energy type. And Trump’s new tariffs on solar panels are bad news on that front. A woodcutter had broken or lost the wooden hilt of his axe. The loss could not be immediately repaired. So the forest had a period of respite. Finally, the man begged the forest, with humility, to let him ever so gently take one single branch to refashion a hilt. He would go elsewhere to make his living. He would leave so many oaks and so many pines standing; those trees…